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Turkey to welcome record number of Russian tourists

In a recent statement released by Russia, Turkey is well on its way to welcome a record number of Russian tourists this summer.

Maya Lomidze, the President of the Association of Tour Operators said that the number of travel booking made by the Russians for Turkey was indeed satisfactory, according to the data offered by Turkey on summer tourism.
He said that the figures they have received have overtaken those of the pre-crisis period.

It had occurred on account of the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey, for violating its airspace in the year 2015.

Lomidze said that the number of Russian tourists who plan to spend their vacations in Turkey during this summer is going to break all previous records, even though it is still the chilly winters.

She added that there is still some time until the early reservation period concluded.

But then, she also cautiously added that even though the current situations looked optimistic, they were yet to know as to what would happen until summer.

Lomidze further states that to learn the choice of Russian tourists clearly, they had to wait till the summer season. Moreover, the number of Russian travellers who were eager to leverage the advantages of early reservation packages provided by Turkey constituted to about 50% of the sales.



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