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The Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation considers necessary to establish self-regulated organizations in tourism

The Ministry considers necessary to establish self-regulated organizations in travel industry. SuchviewpointannouncedtheMinisterVitaliyMutko. Speaking about the terms Mr Mutko explained: “I think we will come to such decision by the end of the year.”

By-turn, the Deputy Head of the Ministry Nadezhda Nazina noted that one of the necessary requirements for self-regulated organizations would be an establishment of the stabilization fund and the procedure of penalty sanctions.

Ms Nazina informed that the question of broadening of the list of insured events in travel industry was in process of discussion. In particular, the Ministry received the advices from the travel business about the obligatory insurance of the tours. According to Nadezhda Nazina, there won’t be a necessity in such measures if the institution of self-regulated organizations is established. Besides, the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy offered the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development to examine the question concerning the intergovernmental agreements about free aid for the tourists.

Just to remind, that earlier ATOR offered to set up the insurance funds in the framework of self-regulated organizations. “The situation that happened in Bulgaria when neither Russian tour operators nor the Russian authorities couldn’t influence on the foreign participants of the travel and air transportation market, will urge on creating the first self-regulated organization and accordingly the insurance fund of the operators and the agents in tourism sphere,” announced Maya Lomidze, ATOR Executive Director. According to Ms Lomidze, now there are all the possibilities in travel industry for establishing a self-regulated organization. She added that ATOR was in process of searching for the federal body that would be able to register a self-regulated organization in tourism. Maya Lomidze explained that according to the law, the minimal fee to such fund amounted to 3 000 rubles. “Certainly, we offer the sum much higher,” she assured.  ATOR Executive Director added that the registre of tour operators of the Federal Agency of Tourism (Rostourism) could be “easily” replaced by the registre of self-regulated organizations in tourism and the number of such organizations could be “as much as one wanted” on condition that the minimal number of the members in every organization would be not less than 25 companies. 

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