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The fall of advertising revenues in the printed media has reached a record figure


In September the decrease of revenues reached the maximum for the reporting period of 9 months (-51%). All the types of publications had a considerable decrease of September revenues to compare with August. The most unfavourable situation in September was with weekly and monthly magazines. The fall of advertising and informational publications exceeded the average indicator of the year for 11% (65% vs. 54%). In the context of thematic niches almost all the types of printed matters had a great decrease of budgets. The only exceptions are the mass daily newspapers which had 40 % reduction in September (having the decrease by 42% and 45% in July and August accordingly).

At the same time the opposite tendencies can be noted in advertising and newspapers press sectors. Relatively favourable dynamics of revenues of mass printed media (weekly and especially daily ones) may indicate that the situation was not so bad in this sector in September. But the revenues that are usually formed at the expense of short-term contracts, decreased by a record amount precisely in September.  It’s important to note, that September was the last pre-crisis month last year which was the record month for the revenues of mass media for advertising. Most likely the reduction of advertising revenues of the printed media in September will be the maximum in percentage terms for 2009.


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