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Aeroflot left the clients without discounts

Aeroflot left the operators without any discounts for airfares. The air carrier sold the tickets for retail clients for the prices lower than for wholesale buyers of travel companies. The tour operators can’t reduce the price for the tours and risk to lose their profits.

According to the sources of, the air carrier has offered for sale the tickets from Moscow to Havana at the rate lower than previously were sold to the operators.

One seat of block for the flights to Havana cost more than 800 Euros for tour operators. Now the airfare of the company is 750 Euros (the transportation should be performed till April 30), and fuel surcharge is about 5 thousand rubles. “It used to be that the tickets were sold even for 50 Euros cheaper. Only after the talks with tour operators Aeroflot rose the retail airfare”, said Aleksandra Anisimova from ITC.  

The tour operators buy the blocks of seats for the summer season in advance usually having considerable discount. Air companies sell the tickets for the direct clients for the price higher than ‘blocks’. A package tour includes not only air ticket and accommodation, but also the agent’s commission fee. So, the travel product with such airfares becomes uncompetitive. And operator also needs to earn anything too. In general, buying a packaged tour is a good bargain for the tourists, but sometimes there are exceptions, admitted Mila Zakharova from air ticket sales department of Russian Express: “Those who are well informed can tell the operators that know about tariffs and book only the accommodation with the help of the travel company”. “Very often the clients buy the tickets by themselves and ask us to arrange only ground maintenance”, said Aleksandra Anisimova. But according to the terms of the contract with air carrier, the travel companies can’t sell the tickets separately from travel product. 

According to the opinion of the Advisor of General Director of Aeroflot Andrey Polozov-Yablonsky, the direct sales of air company won’t seriously affect the sales of the tour operators: “The blocks were sold for summer season from the end of March till the end of October. In addition, only 15-20% of capacity of regular flights sells directly”. The price also includes the fuel surcharge, he adds: “Noting the fuel surcharge, the price for the ticket is 820-830 Euros. That’s higher, than the tour operators have in the blocks – 805 Euros”.

Direct flights to Havana have only Aeroflot, operating 4 flights per week. Among the companies that bought the blocks of seats to Havana on such conditions – ITC, Natalie tours, Russian Express, TEZ Tour.

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