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Versa LTD Tour Operators

Vladimir A.Dorofeev
General director Vladimir A.Dorofeev
Federal register of tour operators registration number
МТ1 002194

18, 2-ya Sovetskaya Street,

Saint-Petersburg, 191024

Phone: +7 (812) 324 71 11

Fax: +7 (812) 324 71 09



Member of ATOR
Versa LTD Tour Operators


    Since its inception in 1999, the Versa tourist firm has established itself as a tour operator of inbound and outbound travel, as well as internal tourism. It belongs to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, and is a member of the Russian Tourism Industry Union. In compliance with the Legislation requirements of the Russian Federation, the activity of the Versa tourist firm is backed up by a financial guarantee. It is also registered in the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators (registration number - MТ1 002194). The Firm has four offices in Saint-Petersburg, and boasts an extensive agency network through which about 80% of all tours are realized.

There are more than 188 employees in the staff of the Firm, most of them having multi-year experience in tourism. Multichannel phones installed in the offices, 24-hour access to the Internet, web-sites containing information about outbound tourism (www.versa-travel.spb.ru) and tourist travel in Saint-Petersburg (www.versa.ru), as well as other technological advances utilized by the Firm allow it to organize its work at state-of-the-art level.

The Firm has acquired a status of an authorized agent of the GTK Russia airline, and of other Russian and foreign airlines, which enables it to carry out not only its own charter programs and programs on regular flights, but also to render services on the sales of air tickets to individual tourists and passengers. Furthermore, the sales of bus and railway tickets are arranged at the Company’s offices to service its customers.

The list of tours being the firm’s own-tailored tour operator programs that Versa organizes, covers the whole package of tours offered from Saint-Petersburg. The tourist recreational programs at the most popular summer and winter sea resorts include Bulgaria, Turkey, continental Greece, the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain and the islands of Majorca and Tenerife, Tunis and other countries.

For those who prefer basking in the sun during the winter, we offer fascinating trips to Egypt, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and also vacations in Dominican Republic, and in Cuba.

Excursion tours to Scandinavia, Czechia, Germany, France, Spain and other European countries are considered all-the-year-round programs. Combined tours including the sea coast vacations and excursion programs are becoming more and more attractive for customers today. The Firm offers its clients both standard tours, which can be considered as the most economical ones in terms of price, and individual tours, in which services can be limited only by the tourists’ imagination and their budget.

The Firm’s employees will offer the mountain ski fans a variety of well-known mounting ski resorts of Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Bulgaria and Russia, and will also help to make the right choice of slopes for skiing or training.

Reception and excursion service of tourists in Saint-Petersburg forms a significant part of  Versa’s activity. More than 40 summer and 20 winter regular excursion programs will allow visitors of our city and petersburgers to get to know and grow fond of our magnificent city. The organized groups of tourists, combined groups, organized and combined school groups, celebratory tours, corporate and thematic tours, incentive-programs, as well as individual tours embrace tens of thousands tourists, who are treated as guests of our tourist firm round the year. It should be particularly noted that combined groups of tourists are formed on a weekly basis, with the days of arrival during the week being permanently fixed. Such tours are realized to individual tourists at group prices, and are never cancelled.

The professional team of guides having command of basic foreign languages and possessing the licenses required to conduct excursions in the city museums, as well as the availability of the Firm’s own comfortable buses, the park of minivans and passenger cars, allow the Firm to organize high quality tourist excursion service for visitors.

The Firm offers its non-resident customers accommodation at the hotels of Saint-Petersburg with respect to the tourists’ requests and budget, ranging from the most economical to most exclusive choices of hotels and rooms.

Cooperation of agent-firms with the Versa tourist firm gives them a variety of options for individual tourists and organizations, while the opportunity to get virtually all tourist services in one firm makes such cooperation quite attractive.


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