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Svetlana V. Goncharova
Deputy Tourism Director Svetlana V. Goncharova
Federal register of tour operators registration number
МВТ 011152

1st Floor, Office 131, 59 Leningradskoye Shosse,

Moscow, 125195, Russia

Tel.: +7 495 221 8050

Fax: +7 495 22 17 222


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Туроперирует по странам:
Россия, ,

Member of ATOR

Dear Colleagues! The MOSTURFLOT Cruise Company is one of the largest operators on the river cruise market. It holds the multi-purpose fleet of cruise and banquet motor ships built at the shipyards of Russia, Austria, Germany, and Hungary. The Company comes forth with the proposal to establish partner relashionship on the realization of tourist vouchers to the cruise motor ships and pleasure fleet of our Company.

a. River cruises along the rivers and lakes of the European part of Russia (the Volga, the Neva, the Kama, the Don, and the Oka rivers, as well as Lake Beloye, Lake Onega, and Lake Ladoga) for the period ranging from 1 to 22 days on board comfortable motor vessels, via the ancient cities of Russia, including Uglich, Kostroma, Yaroslavl', Ples, Nizhniy Novgorod, Murom, Kazan’, Ufa, Saint-Petersburg, Astrakhan’, Rostov-on- Don, etc (more than 50 cities and more than 300 routes in total). Departure of motor ships is from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

b. Mosturflot’s special proposal, particularly: sea cruises along the Adriatic aboard the Arion motor ship. 5 Countries in 7 Days Cruises with Russian tourists (Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Greece, and Albania). City sightseeing tours in the ports of Corfu, Saranda, Barii, Split, Venice, Zadar, Korchula, and Dubrovnik. No Schengen Visa needed.

c. Lease of cruise and banquet (pleasure) motor ships for leisure and business meetings, with passenger capacity of 8 to 300 people, and the options of accommodation in the comfortable cabins, meals in the motor ship restaurants, organization of excursions in the cities and entertainment programs aboard motor ship on individual request.

d. Lease of the Novaya Zvesda (New Star) mega-yacht. Great possibilities of the river-sea class vessel. Number of sleeping berths on board is 8 people in 4 cabins; the yacht can additionally accommodate a maximum of 25 guests. There are 5 to 7 people in the crew of the vessel. The yacht is equipped with a hydro-cycle and a launch for aquatic sports.

To conclude an agency contract you should provide the copies of the following documents:

a. Legal Person (Sole Proprietor) Certificate of State Registration

b. Legal Person (Sole Proprietor) Certificate of Tax Authority Registration 

c. Registered Letter of Simplified Taxation System Application (if available).

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