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Breeze Line LLC

Maxim V.Radionovskiy
General director Maxim V.Radionovskiy
Federal register of tour operators registration number
РТО 017714

5th Donskoy dr., 21b, bdg 10,
4th floor

Phone:+7 495 926 99 40 (multichannel)

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Туроперирует по странам:
Австралия, Аргентина, Бразилия, Великобритания, Вьетнам, Дания, Индия, Индонезия, Ирландия, Испания, Италия, Китай, Корея, Коста-Рика, Малайзия, Мальта, Мексика, Марокко, Нидерланды, Новая Зеландия, Норвегия, Перу, Португалия, США, Сингапур, Тайвань, Таиланд, Уганда, Финляндия, Чили, Швеция, Ямайка, Япония, Филиппины, Сент-Люсия, Венесуэла, Фиджи, Морские круизы, Колумбия, Камбоджа, Исландия, Панама, Антарктида, Антигуа, Багамские острова, Француская Полинезия

Breeze Line LLC


When one has to write about themself, it often seems that it is somehow uncomfortable to praise themself or the company. Today writing about the company’s mission, priorities, social functions, or humanitarian aspects has become common practice. This seems quite proper, of course, and very academic, but sometimes too complicated to understand.

So let us bend the rules, and just write an essay about who we are and why we think people choose us.
* To begin with, we would like to present some statistics about us and our partners. As a cruise operator, Breeze Line was established 21 years ago. The Company’s director general has been involved in the tourism industry for 28 years. Average age of the staff is 29 years, each member of the staff knows one and a half foreign language, each has college education. Average time of engagement with the Company is 10 hours a day for more than three years. The number of staff is about fifty people. The Company’s major partners are the leading cruise companies of the world. Such giants as Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn Cruise Line provide us with either exclusive or priority rights to represent their interests in the Russian market and in the markets for East Europe. We are members of CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) and ATOR (Association of Tour Operators of Russia).
* Together with the entire Russian business, we have passed through all stages of the establishment of the Company. Of course, the vacation packages of the Soviet age, when people were happy to find themselves at any hotel on the coast of any sea, are as different from snow white cruisers of the leading companies of the world as flea markets are from today’s shopping malls. But without that experience we couldn’t have understood what we were supposed to do and how. What were the places where we should send our customers, and where we should not. What vacations were really great, and what were just nice pictures and advertisement.
* Everything began with quite an illusory dream about beautiful, clean and relaxing vacation at some European resort. For ourselves and for others. But it turned out that not all resorts were true resorts, not all stars of hotels were of the same value and not all that sails is a cruise liner.
* In business there are niches where the experience of the staff and their knowledge are the basic and main capital of the company. This is particularly true about service industry, which tourism is part of, and absolutely relevant for such “exotic” kind of tourism as sea cruises. How can you tell a person about the dark side of the moon without ever seeing it? It might be as difficult as communicating the feeling of the cruise, the avalanche of emotions, the vividness of new impressions, to somebody without having felt this from your own experience, without having experienced this at least once.
* For this very reason every one of us, who works in the Company for more than a year, does yearly practical training on the cruise liners. And for this reason we employ only those who are full of energy, hard-working, ambitious, and romantic. Making people happy, helping them in realizing their dreams is our mission, our priority, our social service.
* Partners and colleagues value us, thousands of tourists choose our sea cruises every year, the best cruise companies of the world trust us. This means that we have fulfilled ourselves; this means that our team can work and knows how to work. We love sea cruises and we want to pass this love to our clients.

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