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Pegas Touristik LLC

Anna A.Podgornaya
PR-director Anna A.Podgornaya
Federal register of tour operators registration number
РТО 000717


tеl: +7(495) 967-81-54, 727-22-00, 967-81-42

fax: +7(495) 967-81-80 (pbx), 967-81-43 (pbx)


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Туроперирует по странам:
Россия, Болгария, Вьетнам, Греция, Доминиканская республика, Израиль, Индия, Индонезия, Иордания, Испания, Италия, Кипр, Китай, Куба, Мексика, Марокко, ОАЭ, Таиланд, Тунис, Мальдивы, Андорра

Pegas Touristik LLC


Dear friends. In 2010 Pegas Touristik company celebrated its 16th year of business activity in the Russian market. We have been following our motto “A guest is our top priority” since the company establishment. We owe our achievements and success to our partners, colleagues, tourists and friends.

  • Pegas Touristik asa leading company on the Russian tourist and travel market offers vacations and travel in most beautiful places in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, China and Indonesia.A steadily growing number of tourists who used our company to arrange their vacations is a good proof of the high quality services and competence of our staff. We did our best to select hotels of different rates and popular with the Russian tourists; we also provided our customers with reliable Russian airlines for air travel and competitive prices.
  • More and more Russian people prefer to vacation abroad that becomes more likely a lifestyle than a luxury. A guarantee of high quality service offers customers an opportunity to have a carefree vacation enjoying a warm gentle sun on the continents that seemed so far away not long ago.
  • We hope that more tourists will entrust us with arranging their vacations, and we in our turn will do our best to live up to their expectations.

We are waiting for you!


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