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TRAVELSYSTEM made a presentation of Holland from Rostov-on-Don


TRAVELSYSTEM introduced its new trend with departure from Rostov-on-Don - Holland on February 20 at the "Hermitage" hotel, Rostov-on-Don. Spring tours are already on sale with scheduled flights on Fridays by "Czech Airlines» (CSA) Rostov-on-Don - Prague - Amsterdam - Prague - Rostov-on-Don.

The following partners ofTRAVELSYSTEM took part in the presentation:

- Igor Kramarov - President of the host Dutch company WAITT SA;
- Joao Goncalves - Marketing Director of jewelry factory Gassan Diamond;
- Tatiana Andreyeva - a specialist of the joint visa application center in Rostov, who discovered the subtleties of visa issues.


The Netherlandsis famous for its jewelry, and the diamond was drawn at the presentation. Manager Natalia Klokova ("Boutique Travel") becamethe happy owner of the diamond.  A mini-buffet pleasantly concluded the meeting.

We thankall our guests for their interest in the Netherlands on behalf of  TRAVELSYSTEM  and wish successful sales of this trend in the summer season!

Photos you can see on our page on Facebook.

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