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The number of the Russians in Cyprus has been increasing


The number of the Russians in Cyprus has been increasing

According to the head office of Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) the number of the tourists from Russia increased at the end of the beach season. In October, the number of the Russians increased by almost 46% in comparison with the same period of last year.

The total number of the Russians who visited Cyprus in October amounted to 32 995 people (22 637 people in October 2010).

In general, more than 320 thousand Russians visited the island during 10 months of 2011. It allows our country to become one of the leaders in October with the growth of 50%.  

It’s important to note that the increase of the tourist flow from Russia to Cyprus was not always profitable. The operators noted good sales in June due to the decrease of the demand for Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco; the Russians reoriented to the European beach destinations. However, in July the tour operators had to reduce the price for the tours due to the excess number of the air transportation. As a result, it was possible to buy the tours to Cyprus for 400-500 Euros. Such situation continued up to August.  

The total volume of inbound tourism to Cyprus during 10 months of 2011 amounted to 2 234 000 people (+10.6%). Traditionally the most popular destinations were Paphos, Limassol and Ayia Napa. 

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