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Abu Dhabi has registered a record number of the tourists


Abu Dhabi has registered a record number of the tourists

The capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi received 182.6 thousand foreign tourists in October. That was for 21% more than during the same period of last year, announces portal Hotelier Middle East. The tour operators connect such growth with the great number of the air transportation and instability in Egypt.

The number of the tourists from Russia in the hotels of Abu Dhabi amounted to 1.34 thousand people in October (+16%). More than 10 thousand Russians visited the capital of the UAE during 10 months of the year (+30%), announces RIA Novosti.

“The growth of the tourist flow to the Emirates we noted even in September. At the same time the tourists were interested in budget segment of the UAE. The bookings for luxury accommodation were noted later”, says Elena Khryapina from Russian Express. According to Ms Khryapina such tendency can be explained by the reorientation of the clients from Egypt to other beach destinations.

The excess number of air transportation had its effect as well. The total volume to the Emirates increased approximately by 20% this year. The number of the flights from Moscow increased by 40%. Nevertheless, the demand for the UAE could be hardly increased. As a result, the tours “were burning” in October. Though, the “burning”, according to the operators, affected only a budget segment of the UAE.

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