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Israel suffers from the decrease of the number of the Russian cruise tourists


Israel suffers from the decrease of the number of the Russian cruise tourists

Cruise tourists have started to visit Israel less frequent, despite the great interest in the region. According to ATOR Analytical Service, the tourist flow has decreased by ½ during the first 9 months of 2011 in comparison with the same period of last year. Such tendency can be explained by the watchful attitude of the tourists towards the neighboring Egypt.

The total tourist flow from Russia to Israel decreased by 6% during the period from January till September. The negative tendency can be explained by the 43% decrease of the Russian cruise passengers. The tourist flow without cruisers increased by 23% during this period.

A similar caution of the Russian cruise passengers can be noted in September. The total number of the arrivals of the Russians amounted to 51.5 thousand people. 30.5% or 15.7 thousand from them were cruise passengers. For the first time the number of the Russian tourists exceeded 50 thousand people in September. This year, the Russians who visited Israel for 1 day amounted almost to a half of all foreign cruise passengers (33 thousand people).

So if to compare with September 2010, the total number of the tourists from Russia increased by 7% and without cruise tourists increased by 26%. However, the flow of the cruises passengers decreased by more than 20% in September.

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