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Achievements of the Federal Agency for Tourism in 2013


Achievements of the Federal Agency for Tourism in 2013

The Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Alexander Radkov presented the results of the Agency’s work in 2012 and plans for this year at the extended session of Ministry of Culture Collegium.

FTP involves new projects

In 2013 the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm ) continues to focus on the implementation of the Federal Target Program for the development of domestic and inbound tourism (FTP). This year in the frames of the Program it is planned to allocate 9.5 billion rubles on the implementation of the task "Development of tourist and recreational complex of the Russian Federation".

In 2012, the funds resources were directed to continue creation of clusters included in the program in 2011: "Ples" (Ivanovo region), "Ryazansky", "Pskovsky", "Belokurikha" and "Golden Gate" (Altai Territory), as well as to creation of new tourism- recreation and auto tourism clusters in the Lipetsk region, in the Republic of Buryatia, in the Yaroslavl region and in the Republic of of Tuva. Regions received subsidies of 2.147 billion rubles. In 2012, the number of hotel complexes, restaurants and other public catering objects in the Pskov region and the Republic of Buryatia, the all-season water park "Gorki" in the Ryazan region and other objects were put into service under the Program, Alexander Radkov informed.

Tourist safety

Pointing out the safety of tourists abroad, Alexander Radkov recalled that in 2012 the Federal Agency for Tourism coordinated a process of returning home over 6000 tourists of "Lanta-Tour Voyage" company, who could not receive the full scope of services they paid for because of tour operator’s financial problems. In total the Agency organized return home for more than 10 thousand tourists, taking into consideration other cases of tour operators’ bankruptcies.

In 2013, new organization - "Turpomosch" - will coordinate tourists’ returning home. The idea of creating Call-center providing help for tourists has not been realized yet. Rosturizm offers to create a unified system, providing an effective communication with the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and professional associations.

Promoting Russia

In order to promote Russian tourism products abroad the Federal Agency for Tourism conducted an effective advertising campaign in 2012, targeting at approximately 140 million people in Russia and more than 100 million people in Europe. For example, a huge event of the new format - Russian Tourism Road Show 2012 was held in the UK, France and Germany. According to the Agency, the effectiveness of this advertising campaign can be proved statistically: Russia saw a growth of 9% in tourist arrivals from the UK , a growth of 10% in tourist arrivals from Germany, and a 7% increase in tourist arrivals from France.
As well Rosturizm held forums and workshops, participated in the Russian and foreign exhibitions. In 2012 the Year of Russia in China was held, so the growth in tourist arrivals from China was about 41%.

Plans for 2013

In 2013, a special attention will be focused on monitoring the effectiveness of budget expenditures. 30 mini-hotels and tourist business center as part of the tourism cluster of Yaroslavl region, hotel complexes in the Altai region, Ryazan region will be put into service this year.


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