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Sochi seaport will be able to admit large cruise ships


Sochi seaport will be able to admit large cruise ships

Reconstruction of the seaport will be completed soon and new berths are being constructed now in Sochi. The modernized seaport is planned to open until the end of the year.

Sochi seaport will be able to admit cruise ships up to 300 meters long almost all year round. With the new facilities it will be able to admit simultaneously two cruise ships and a ferry. According to the press service of the city’s administration, hydrotechnical facilities were capitally repaired and the front side promenade was tidied up.

"It will be an international center of passenger and cruise transportation with a new passenger terminal and an administrative facilities complex, " - press service quoted the words of Alexander Davydenko, the Head of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport.

Before reconstruction the seaport of Sochi could admit only cruise ship up to 200 meters long.

It should be noted that this year more beaches will be open in Sochi – due to development of the coastal territory in the Lazarevsky district their number will amount to 82 (19 beaches more than in 2012). In addition, tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy 114 sanatorium beaches. Besides, beaches called "Dagomis", "Hosta", "Riviera", "Robinson" and "Seagull" will be equipped with facilities for differently-abled.

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