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Bulgaria promises free visas for Russian children


Bulgaria promises free visas for Russian children

The Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Nikolina Angelkova confirmed that children under 16 years of age coming from Russia to the organized activities or children's activities, will receive free visas. The Minister expressed hope that this measure can contribute to the development of tourism increasing the number of trips of Russian children to Bulgarian seaside resorts.

"Alongside we continue to work with Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the issue of expanding the visa preferences to other social groups", – the Minister highlighted.

Another innovation for the Russian market is a special single phone number for Russian tourists that started working in Bulgaria from February 1. Thus, now it is possible to get tourism information about Bulgaria in Russian language.

Let us remind that earlier "The ATOR Messenger" reported that Bulgaria would not implement the procedure of biometrics for Russians in 2016. Currently, Russian citizens can get a visa to Bulgaria in 21 visa application centers in Russia.

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