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“Breeze Line” offers cruises to Japan for 550$


“Breeze Line” offers cruises to Japan for 550$

Japan is traditionally believed to be the luxury class destination. Such image of the country deters many tourists from visiting it. Meanwhile, there is a relatively inexpensive way of travelling to Japan. According to the data provided by "Breeze Line" company, a trip to Japan including the cruise will cost the tourist two times less than a similar tour by land.

"Cruise provides an opportunity to save money. For example, one of our top cruises includes visits to not only several Japanese cities, but also four unique festivals: the Kanto Matsuri in Akita, Nebuta in Aomori, Yosaca in Koti and Awa-Odori in Tokushima. The cruise ship is the Diamond Princess 5* lux, the journey lasts 12 days. The cost of this premium product starts at $ 1,799. For comparison, only just ground accommodation in Japanese 4-5 star hotels within 10-12 days would cost the tourist 2 thousand dollars or more", – said Ilya Militizkiy, the Deputy Director of "Breeze Line" company.

This offer is one of the most expensive in the range of a tour operator in Japan destination. “Breeze Line” Japan cruises run from October to April, and everyone can find the right product, that would be suitable both in price and in content. For example, the tour of the 6-day cruise with visits to Pusan, Nagasaki (South Korea) and Tokyo costs from 549 dollars.

According to Ilya Militizkiy, the popularization of Japanese cruise is already bearing fruit. Over four seasons of work with the Japanese product, the number of Russian groups on cruise ships reached 300 people – unique index for such niche areas.

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