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Italian «all inclusive» includes shopping


Italian «all inclusive» includes shopping

Italian region Marche wants to attract more Russian tourists, said Pietro Talarico, Head of regional tourism office, during his visit to Moscow. This aim is reflected in the promotional plan of Regione Marche for 2016. Marche has everything that Russian tourists like: good food, beautiful beaches and «all inclusive».
The representative of Regione Marche Paola Micucci told «Vestnik ATOR» that in 2014 Marche recorded 29,952 tourists coming from Russia. In 2015 due to economic crisis and the consequent reduction in flights only 21,860 Russian tourists visited Marche. «In the year 2016 the number of Russian visitors in our region is expected to increase», - she said.

Tourist administration of Marche expects that the region could be a good alternative for Egypt and Turkey on the Russian market this year. Italian region can propose Russians what they like most of all – the beach, gastronomy and even «all inclusive».

«You can find all inclusive packages (but without travel) on the tourism website ( divided into different clusters: Made in Marche (concering all the foods and wine, footwear and any other item produced in the region); the Marche region in blue (with all the most beautiful sea resorts); The Genius of Marche (cities of art, theatres and music, Museums, cultural itineraries, etc.);Spirituality and Meditation (the Jubilee in the Marche region, Religious itineraries, Churches and Hermitages); Parks and active nature (National and Regional Regional Parks, Nature Reserves, the famous Frasassi Caves, active holidays, Amusement Parks); Rolling Hills and Ancient Villages (19 Orange Flags, “22 most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, “Green Flags”, “Authentic Villages”, etc.)», - explained Paola Micucci.

Moreover, the region boasts 17 «Blue Flags» - locations with high quality of beaches, sea and tourist facilities - for those who love the sea with services for everyone, from families to young people or to those who belong to an older age group. There are also 22 of the «Most Beautiful Villages in Italy», cities of art such as Urbino and Ascoli Piceno and the opportunity to visit 129 outlets where tourists can buy at favorable prices the most prestigious Italian brands of footwear and leather goods.

Marche already has its promotional plan for 2016. Italian region is going to develop the tourism market share of European countries (German, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian areas, Flanders), Eastern Europe, especially Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and extra-European countries (US, China) presenting the Marche region in these markets with targeted, highly skilled products and able to attract medium-high target-tourists, in synergy with the activities of Internationalization and Culture sector. Tourism administration of Marche aims to promote the region as a tourist destination by increasing relations with tour operators, travel agencies, coach operators, mass transit systems and airlines companies, with the aim of enhancing sales channels organized on all the markets with the new National Tourism Organization, with Marche Airport, with offers based on a market which is constantly evolving.

This march the representatives of tourism administration of Marche visited Moscow and took part in the MITT-2016 exhibition, where the meetings with Russian tour operators were held. In 2013 Russian tour operator ICS Travel Group organized charter flights to Marche. This year charter flights are not yet declared, but tourists can easily get to Marche (Ancona/Falconara airport) by direct flights from Monaco or Rome.

According to the data of Regione Marche, Germany gives the region the biggest number of tourists – over 69 000 in 2015. This market is followed by the Netherlands (38,592) and Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) (26,962). Tourists visiting the Marche region come for: culture, gastronomy, cycle tourism, art, villages, sea, active nature, religious tourism and to purchase its famous and prestigious brands of footwear and leather goods.

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