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The most prospective markets for inbound tourism to Russia


The most prospective markets for inbound tourism to Russia

The tourists from Europe visit Russia more actively (Germany, France, UK, Italy). The most promising markets for Russia are China, India, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Korea, Turkey and Iran. At the same time, the problems with infrastructure hold back the development of these markets.

As announced Aleksandr Radkov (the Head of Rostourism) during the press conference which was held on November 21, the majority of the foreigners came to Russia with business purposes, then for cultural, active and ecological tourism.

According to Mr Radkov, the foreigners visited Russia 22 million times in 2010. 6.5 million people came with tourist purposes (2.1 million – tourists, others for business purposes).
Aleksandr Radkov added that 2011 was difficult for Russian inbound tourism as the majority of the tourists came from Europe where the financial situation was unstable.

As for the domestic problems which hamper in the development of the inbound tourism, the Head of the Agency named the high cost of transportation, lack of the professional personnel and undeveloped infrastructure, including the hotels.

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