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Tourist Queries Drop by 20% in August, Yandex Reports


Tourist Queries Drop by 20% in August, Yandex Reports

In the period from July 19th to 19 August19th, a decrease in the number of Yandex queries was recorded on almost all popular tourist destinations. The fall on different destinations ranged from 5% to 50%. ATOR Analytical Service notes that the user activity on Yandex clearly reflects the picture of real demand in August.

During this period, users made 5,271,132 requests for tours. Compared to this year’s July, the number of requests decreased by 11.3%.

In last year’s August, the increase made 23% as compared to July. In the current season, compared with August 2013, the volume of requests for tours on Yandex declined by 20.4%.

In addition, the National Bank of Russia reported a 20% decline in demand for the major currencies.

Ten leaders have not changed. But over the past month, there was a slight redistribution of positions. Turkey retained its leadership. However, the destination lost popularity by 15% as compared to the previous month.

Egypt which stays confidently in the second position, lacked only 5% of the demand.

European destinations continue to lose their positions. Greece, the third most popular country, raised 18,5% less interest in Russians than in the previous month. Italy beat Spain, taking fourth place in the ranking. At the same time, the country lacked 18% as compared to the previous month. Spain moved up to fourth place losing 22%. Bulgaria lost 24%. As a result, the country fell to the 10th position. The destinations outside the EU did a little better. The volume on Montenegro decreased by 11%. Thailand demonstrated last month’s figures while Tunisia lacked only 14%.

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