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Turkey, Egypt, Thailand Leading September Queries


Turkey, Egypt, Thailand Leading September Queries

In September, Turkey remained the most popular destination for Russian tourists, according to the number of requests in the system Moreover, despite the rise of the dollar and a reduction in the outbound tourism market, this area was able to increase its share in comparison with September 2013, according to ATOR Analytical Service citing

The second highest number of requests in September was for Egypt (21% of the total number of requests). At this same time last year, the Foreign Ministry was warning about the undesirability of visits to Egypt, so the current data exceed those of last September. September marks the beginning of the high season in Egypt: during this month, the number of requests for the country increased by 25%.

The highest dynamics in comparison with last year’s August was shown by Thailand which ranked third in the rating. The number of requests for Thailand in September increased by more than 80% compared to this year’s August.

It is noteworthy that, unlike last year, more than half of all requests fell on three areas - Turkey, Egypt and Thailand. A year ago, the three leaders were the same, but then these three countries accounted for about 30% of requests.

Vietnam ranks fourth in the rating. Like some other long-haul beach destinations, in early autumn, it began to gain popularity. The total number of requests for Vietnam increased by nearly 40% compared to August.

The United Arab Emirates ranks fifth with the proportion of requests amounting to 5% in September, which actually corresponds to the share index of the country in September last year. The number of requests for the United Arab Emirates in September grew by almost 50% compared to this year’s August. Greece ranks sixth, losing positions in the ranking. The number of requests for this country in September was 50% less than in August. The proportion of requests for Cyprus and Spain in September also fell (minus 1.1% and 0.8%, respectively).

India ranked ninth. The share index of queries on India, compared with last year’s September dropped from 0.5% to 2.5%. And Tunisia, which closed the top 10, got 2.1% of requests, which is 1.6% less than in September last year.

It should be noted that the statistics drawn by reflects the situation in the tourist market. Compared to August, the total number of queries by tourists and agencies decreased by almost 13%, whereas last year the dynamics of queries in September compared with August, had been positive and amounted to almost 30%.

The next issue of the ATOR Herald will present an analytical review of the results of Yandex queries.

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