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Russian tourists conquer Alpine skiing resorts


Russian tourists conquer Alpine skiing resorts

Wealthy Russians conquered long ago the resorts of Western and Eastern Europe searching for exciting adventures and leisure activities. Over the last 6 years the resorts of Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France not just received a lot of Russian tourists, but also managed to adapt their infrastructure for entertainment and recreation of the Russians.

Russian tourists are well-known abroad for their generosity and sometimes immodest way of leisure. However, the recent New Year holidays shocked European skiing resorts one more time. For the moment every 4th tourist of Alpine skiing resorts in Western Europe comes from Eastern countries.

The majority of the Russian guests visit skiing resorts during the first days of January. This year Austrian resorts received a considerable flow from Russia. According to the preliminary data, the number of tourists increased by 10%. This year a lot of skiing schools hired Russian speaking staff, particularly instructors, in order to satisfy demanding Russians, as they often don’t want to speak any other languages but Russian.  

Despite the crisis, even the people of middle class of the Russian society could not stop themselves from considerable spendings. This season Russian tourists were significantly singled out from the mass of the tourists with their spendthrifting.  

Usually, the Russians not only choose famous and very expensive skiing resorts, but also like to dine in the restaurants, do shopping and spend a lot of time out of the hotel more often, than the tourists from Western Europe. The Russian tourists also spend considerable sums for daily entertainment. For example, average European tourist spends 129 Euros per day and that’s almost for 50 Euros less, than ordinary expenses of the Russian tourist.

Despite the fact that the Russians support the travel industry of Western Europe considerably, a lot of tourists have no special sympathy for the Russian “fast livers”, saying that they usually behave “as if it’s the last day of their lives”.  

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