16 июня, воскресенье

За 9 месяцев Болгарию посетили 222 тыс. российских туристов

The number of Russian tourists visited Bulgaria during 9 months of this year remained almost at the same level as last year (-0.34%). 80% of 275 thousand people visited Bulgaria for vacations.

Russian market takes 4th place (6.5%) in total volume of inbound tourism to Bulgaria after Germany (17%), Romania (14%) and Greece (10%). At the same time, Russia takes the 7th place in total arrival rating of the countries.  

Russian market showed a positive dynamics in May (13%) and June (12%) to compare with last year but we can also admit a negative dynamics of September (-22%). 

In general, inbound tourism to Bulgaria decreased by 8% during the period from January to September 2009 in comparison with last year. The leaders of negative dynamics turned out to be the markets of Scandinavian countries: Sweden (-46%), Norway (-32%) and Denmark (-26%). Turkey (-40%), Slovenia and Serbia (-37%), Finland (-26%) and Romania (-23%) showed a noticeable negative dynamics too.

At the same time, Ukraine (74%), Spain (40%), France (34%), Germany, Czech Republic and Poland (18%) showed a considerable growth.

The overview of Bulgarian inbound travel market was prepared by ATOR Analytical Service based on the data of National Statistics Institute of Bulgaria. 


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